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Philip Henderson is an ethical magician, an inspirational listener and an oxen teamster.

IPhilip Henderson is an executive coach,

ethical magician,

oxen teamster, and inspirational listener

Philip Henderson is an executive coach
Philip Henderson with Councilman Tom Bradley in 1965


Philip Henderson's 

Leaders  with Integrity 

 Give yourself the gift of an executive coach! 

Learn how to become a full-time empathic listener and develop enduring, loving relationships with the most important people in your life.


          My name is Philip Henderson.  I am the world's first Ethical Magician.  I began my career as an executive coach in 1999, after 30 years experience as a leader and manager in five different fields.  In the summer of 1965, I began my work as a planner for Mattel Toy Company.  After completing my MBA at UCLA in 1970, I worked four-years as Manager of Live Theater; four-years lobbying the California legislature on public school finances; fourteen years as Chief Operating Officer for law offices; and then eight-years as Assistant Dean for Operations at UC Irvine Extension.  Today, in addition to executive coaching, I am the lead oxen teamster at the Orange County California Centennial Farm; I write a column for Rural Heritage Magazine; I am an amateur magician; and I enjoy every day as a blessing.  It is a blessing because each day I have an opportunity to spread more goodness and grace in the lives of the people I encounter.  
          I use my knowledge of the performance of magic and my experience working oxen teams to transform my executive coaching clients into outstanding ethical leaders in their home, work and community.  I coach my executive clients to become full time empathic listeners.  This transformation allows my clients to develop enduring loving relationships with their spouse, children, and parents.  
          I conduct high-impact coaching which means I usually complete my coaching assignment in six months or less time.  My goal is to have an immediate and enduring change in how my clients build and maintain relationships with the most important people in their lives.  I am the world's first Ethical Magician.  I use magic to develop my clients so they can become the very best human they can imagine.


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I coach my executive clients on a personal one to one basis, no telephone meetings.  A typical coaching session is four to five hours twice each month.  At the conclusion of six months my clients have made significant changes to how they behave at home, at work, and in their community.  I charge a fixed fee that guarantees my client at least 10 hours coaching each month.  The first two coaching sessions are complimentary.  These two sessions allow my clients to determine whether I am a good fit to work as their coach.  Should you desire to continue the first installment of the fixed fee is due, usually 20 percent.  The balance is paid in two installments one at the conclusion of six months and the final payment six months later.



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how to listen with empathy



           I coach my executive clients to become full time empathic listeners.  When you listen with empathy, because that is your preferred way to be in a conversation, you develop enduring, loving relationships with the most important people in your life.  Most Americans never learned how to listen with empathy when it is most important to listen that way.  My coaching takes you there quickly.  



          In order for my work to be successful, my clients must be able to listen to me with empathy.  When you develop this abilty your world changes forever.  You cannot return to the old self.  This one change makes a huge difference in your relationship with your spouse, children, parents, and coworkers.  My clients treasure the changes that occur when they become fulltime empathic listeners.  






stop talking



In school we learn how to read, how to write, and how to make public speeches.  Unfortunately, there is no place in the curriculum where American students are taught to be good listeners.  You may learn to take good notes or to transcribe what you hear from dictation, but hearing and repeating is not listening.  When you learn how to be a full time empathic listener, you become much less interested in talking all the time, and much more committed to understanding what others are saying.  In particular, empathic listeners focus on listening to the most important loved ones in his/her life .  .  .  that includes your spouse, children, and parents.  When you transform into a full time empathic listener you understand the deeply held beliefs and feelings of your loved ones.  You appreciate their wonderfulness even when you disagree with your loved ones.  This occurs because you are listening without judgment.  The speaker feels safe with you.  



When your child or spouse is suffering, you possess a complete understanding of their feelings because they are no longer afraid to hide the truth from you.  Interestingly, my clients were perfect empathic listeners even before we began our work.  The problem they experienced is that the only time they could not listen with empathy was the times it was most important to be an empathic listener.  The most important time to listen with empathy is when you and your loved one disagree on vital ethical matters.  Instead of appreciating, understanding, and loving, you become stiff and uncompromising.  You fight and threaten your loved one.  Once you become a full time empathic listener, you can embrace and cherish your spouse, child, parent or other significant loved one even when you disagree. 














            If you have completed your formal education and discover that no matter how hard you work you do not get promoted, then you are a good candidate to hire an executive coach.  Your coach will help you see yourself the way your boss and others at work see you.  Your coach will set you on a path to become the ethical leader who gets the next promotion even if it is with another company that appreciates you more than your current employer.   I love coaching my clients because they attain their most treasured dreams while working with me.  My clients tell me they feel as though they have gotten their lives back on track.


          I began volunteering at the Orange County Fair's Centennial Farm in 2003.  At the 2003 summer Fair, I met teamster Bill Richards and his oxen team of Bill and Bob.  Bill and Bob were Milking Devon cattle that were trained to work by Eric  Johnson  as his 4H project in Connecticut.  When the oxen were one year old, young Johnson sold them to a fellow in Ohio  who had two brothers.  You can guess the names  of the brothers.  When the joke wore off, the Ohio farmer sold the oxen team to trader Jack Hutchinson, a Missouri auctioneer.  

          Trader Jack was a friend of the brother of Jim Bailey.  Jim Bailey was the director of the Centennial Farm, and like his brother, is a native of Missouri.  Jim's brother arranged for Trader Jack to bring  oxen to the 1996 Orange County Fair.  Bailey made a deal with trader Jack and purchased the then 2 year old oxen team for the Centennial Farm.  When I came around in the summer of 2004,  Bill and Bob were 9-years old.  Each ox weighed about 2,000 pounds; they were impressive and beautiful.  I learned to be an oxen teamster at age 56.  I am confident that working oxen teams have made me a better human being.  Oxen do not take bull from anyone.  You must prove to them that you are worthy of their respect and trust or they will refuse to work for you.  Honesty and integrity are their way of being.  


          Cattle are emotionally intelligent.  They read your emotions with clarity.   You cannot fool them.   If you feel uncomfortable when you are with them, you cannot hide that feeling.  They will react negatively to your fear or  unease.  I use more than 800 hours each year as a volunteer at the Centennial Farm.  It is my honor and privilege to work with these great animals.  Bob the ox died in 2007, Bill died in 2010.  Shortly after the death of Bob, I traveled to New Hampshire with the director of the Centennial Farm.  Our purpose was to examine and purchase a young oxen team for the farm.  We selected the 3-year old team of Patches and Freckles.  They were transported by truck and trailer from East Kingston, New Hampshire to Costa Mesa, California.  They have resided on the farm for more than 9-years making friends with everyone who visits the farm.   Freckles and Patches has passed away.  Patches lived on the farm for 15 years, dying of natural causes at age 18 in 2022.  We are grateful for the many years we enjoyed caring for him.


          I never imagined that one day I would drive a team of oxen.    If you had asked me in 2002 if I would want to work with cattle, I would have told you thank you, but no thanks.  Today, after 20- years with oxen, I cannot imagine life without these peaceful animals.   Just so you know, oxen are cattle that are trained to work.  If you train a cow or a bull to work, then you have an ox.   Patches is a rare breed of cattle called American Lineback.  He has a white line down his spine.   He weighs 3,000 pounds.  Despite his size he can run almost as fast as a horse.  He can easily jump over a four-foot high wall.  Cattle are flexible like a cat and well . . . they are as strong as an ox.  He can drag more than twice his body weight on the ground, 6,000 pounds.  


          Cattle are smart.  They cannot solve calculus equations or design rockets but they understand my desires and follow commands I give them.  When I ask them to perform in a certain way they immediately understand my verbal, touch, or visual commands and follow through.   They perform my instructions even when they do not want to.  I have earned the right to command their trust and respect.  Just after the end of the 2015 Orange County Fair, I was called to the Fairgrounds to help tend to Freckles.  When I arrived at the corral, I saw that he was in severe pain.   He was unable to stand and looked at me as if to ask for help.  Our veterinarian was in surgery and arrived a couple of hours after me.  He determined that Freckles bladder had burst.  We had to put him down.  I stayed with Freckles until his final breath.  We had moved Patches to an adjacent corral so he could observe our actions.   Patches understands birth, sickness, and death.   When he observed his lifelong partner take his last breath, he knew that was the end of their being together.  

          Patches is shown as a single ox to the children visiting the Centennial Farm.  I have spent more than 10,000 hours with Patches since he arrived in May 2007.  While I miss Freckles, our funny ox, I am honored to be with Patches.  If you are interested, I would be pleased to introduce you to Mister Patches.  You will notice at once that our relationship is based on mutual trust and respect.  This is what an ethical leader does when he/she is working.

          In late September 2016 we welcomed two new cattle at the Centennial Farm.  They were  Hoss and Howie, a pair of 3-year old oxen in training.  Hoss and Howie are members of the American Milking Devon breed.  They are from a ranch in Larkspur, Colorado. They were born and trained on the Three Eagles Ranch owned by Rollie and Paula Johnson.  The Johnson's are part of the American Livestock Conservancy Program.  Since 2006, they have bred 30 Devon cows and 39 Devon bulls.  Thanks to the Johnson's,  we  have this marvelous heritage breed back at the Farm.  I am eager to face the adventure and challenge of training young Devon cattle.  I am certain to learn a great deal about myself.  Training oxen keeps you honest and teaches you patience.  The photographic image above shows me and Howie at the Centennial Farm. When you visit the Centennial Farm, you will see just how good looking these two oxen are.     Visit  for exact days and times of public hours.   Patches, Hoss, and Howie are stunning in person.

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