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Mose, Yvonne, Philip, and Esther Henderson about 1954.

Philip Henderson loves to write

Columnist for Rural Heritage Magazine "The wisdom of Cattle"

Monthly newsletter, The Ethical Leaders Toolkit since 1999

Work in Progress: Becoming an Empathic Listener

Captain Moses Marmalade Stories of the Adventures of Buck and Manny



          I am a writer.  I love to write about the ethical challenges we face daily at work, at home and in our community.  I have written more than thirty successful grant proposals.  Writing is work for me, but it is work that pleases me.  I enjoy sitting down with a group to develop writing projects into finished pieces ready for publication.  I write a column for Rural Heritage Magazine called "The Wisdom of Cattle."  These articles explore what it is like to work a team of oxen.  Rural Heritage magazine is published for people who work with draft horses, mules, and cattle (oxen).  My experience working oxen teams gives me fresh material to explore the way these animals work with humans.  My first article for Rural Heritage appeared in 2007.


          I am a member of the Writing Well.  I joined the writers group shortly after they formed in 2000.  We meet once or twice each month to help each other improve our writing ability.  I am grateful for the generous support I have received from the wonderful people in this writing group.   My writing ability has grown through the years because of the helpful challenges from members of this group. 


The Ethical Leaders Toolkit  is my free e-newsletter.  Now in its 20th year of publication.   If you would like to receive the Ethical Leaders Toolkit please contact me with your email address.  I  produce six to eight issues each year.  Some years, I get behind because of my work at the Orange County Fair.  The Ethical Leaders Toolkit has four departments.  The first department is about me and the work I am up to at the moment.  I call this the 21st Century Ethical Leader.  Each issue has a reading recommendation department.  I read at least twenty books each year.  I recommend those books that have merit for my readers.    Some books have been recommended several times because they are too valuable to read only once.   Another department contains tips to help readers become full time empathic listeners.  Each article gives practical exercises that will help develop this ability.  All of the exercises are difficult.  You should feel pretty uncomfortable most of the time, I do when I perform the exercises.  The final department contains ideas to help readers become a better supervisor.   I was a supervisor for thirty years.  I learned a lot through trial and errors.  I pass on suggestions that will speed up your learning curve if you are new at supervising.

Please send me an email message to subscribe.  


The Ethical Leaders Toolkit is getting a new look.  I have changed the platform for the newsletter to MailChimp.   Please send me a message if you would like to subscribe. 

My electronic mail address is: 














Becoming an Empathic Listener A book in progress

          I am preparing the text for a book that will guide readers to become full time empathic listeners.   The most important work I do for my executive coaching clients is to help them become full-time empathic listeners.  I have developed a number of "empathic listening exercises" for my executive clients.  The book will contain these exercises and other information that will help readers become full time empathic listeners.  My executive coaching clients are convinced that the most valuable ethical leadership tool they learned to use is their ability to listen empathically to their family.    


          I have written the first 66,000 words of the first draft as on June  13, 2016.  I have begun to edit the first draft.  I have more than 85,500 words as of June 2020.   The editing is taking me longer than I anticipated.  Instead of getting shorter it is 19,000 words longer.  I enjoy the editing process more than writing the first draft.   I want this book to help readers learn how to become empathic listeners.  My schedule has me completing the final editing the end of November 2022.    When the editing is completed I will publish the book.  My working title is Silent Wisdom: how to listen and love.   I am excited about the way it looks right now.  I started my first version of this book more than 10-years ago.  I have much better insight now that I have been working with clients on this subject throughout the last decade.  I am still learning from my clients which exercises are most useful.  


          My clients tell me the first exercises they practiced continues to give them benefits.  The first exercise is The Silent Wisdom practice.  This exercise enables the reader to experience what it feels like when they are listening with empathy.  This practice gets them prepared for the more challenging exercises such as listening appointments with their loved ones and listening to someone who is dying.    Silent Wisdom is my first book.  I was encouraged to write this book by my students and coaching clients.  They were transformed into full time empathic listeners and the change helped them thrive at home and at their place of work.   My goal is to have a 60,000 word final copy.  Editing requires adding missing parts, eliminating sections that do not belong in this book, taking out redundant sections and re-writing the paragraphs and sentences so they are more appealing to readers.   I have read more than two dozen books about listening, all that I could find.  Silent Wisdom addresses a method to transform from an ordinary/good listener to the highest form of listening, empathic listening.   The other books praise empathic listening but do not present a method to become such a listener.  Keep watching this page for updates.

Captain Moses Marmalade Stories of the Adventures of Buck and Manny

Buck is a young boar from Mr.  Bacon's farm.   Manny is a young rooster from Bacon's neighbor Mr. Pullet.  Buck and Manny are best friends.  Buck decides that he wants to take a NASA rocket ship to the moon to taste the cheese.   Manny and Buck pack their bags and head to Houston on historic Route 66.  Along the way they take detours that land them in River City, Windsor Castle, Macomb, the Emerald City and the Centennial Farm in Costa Mesa, California, just to name a few.  Captain  Marmalade tells the reader about the adventures they experience. (This is a work in progress.)

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