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I specialize in delivering inspirational presentations to groups large and small.  I will make the audience laugh, I will make them wonder,and then I will awaken a part of their heart that inspires the audience to take action.     

I deliver inspirational presentations instead of motivational speeches.  Inspirational presentations have lasting effects.  An inspirational presentation does just that, it gets the listener to act because of something within their spirit.   My presentations can be brief or for half a day or longer.  I will develop my visit to meet your precise requirements.  I prefer to visit your organization before my assignment.  I use that meeting to get to know the people in your group.  I adjust my presentation to fit precisely with your group requirements.  


My  topic is Ethics in Everyday Life.  Ethical challenges occur daily for most of us.  Whether it is with family, work, or in our community, daily we face ethical challenges.   If you are unaware of these challenges you risk making a poor choice because you do not understand what is at stake.   In my  interactive presentation style I get the audience to participate.  I use my skills as a magician to engage the full attention of the audience.  I will not perform magic tricks, however, I will use the same kind of presentation skills as if I were performing magic.  Instead of a talking head, you will see me in front of the lecturn and walking in the audience to engage them physically and emotionally.   I will make your event a memorable occasion with some of your regulars asking me to return soon with something new.


My fee for keynoting is flexible depending on whether you are a non-profit and the size of the audience.  Expect my fee to range from $350 to $1500 for up to a a half day's engagement.   I give pro-bono presentations to nonprofit organizations.


When I am invited for a half-day presentation or longer, I often use the Henderson Ethics Inventory Tool to engage the audience in a lively conversation about ethical problems facing the group.  I devised this Inventory 18- years ago to stimulate open consideration of serious ethical problems that stifle creativity at a company.  The inventory is a set of seventeen questions with fill in the blank or multiple choice questions.  Two people could answer each question exactly the same yet their scores could be on opposite ends of the spectrum.  The key to the success of the Henderson Ethics Inventory Tool is the method used to score the answers.  Each person scores his/her own inventory.  The folks with the lowest score benefit the most because now they understand the root of the problems they have been experiencing.



I also conduct the Brain Rain Game for groups who want a day long  (or longer) engagement.  The Brain Rain Game is a tool I developed to help large groups find creative suggestions for problems that appear intractable.   The Game is an iterative process that encourages creativity and courage to address difficult problems head on.   Instead of Brainstorming, brain rain is subtle and engaging.  I developed the game using some of the same principles that magicians use to engage the active interest of their audiences.  No magic tricks are done during the exercise, but it feels magical. 


The Brain Rain Game works with groups of thirty or more.  At least six  hours are required for successful outcomes.  This iterative process could extend to more than two days.  I have led groups with as large as 300 participants.   This is a fine activity for an Advance meeting ( I call what many call a Retreat, an Advance) to get the contributions from even the most shy members of the group.   I require several months planning to present this game.  

Philip Henderson presenting at the December 2013 meeting of Ethos Group in Tustin at the Citrus Cafe.

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